Author: Graeme Codrington

Dealing with Cognitive Bias

Reading Time: 20 minutes This is a vitally important article, and will probably take you a few days to work through, working through each of the major sections a step at a time. Don’t rush this, and do the exercises, including watching the videos and doing the additional reading we recommend. This topic is one of the most important cornerstones to improving your critical thinking skills.

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The Five Key Ingredients of a Thriving Remote Team

Reading Time: 7 minutes The hybrid/remote workplace is going to be reality for a long time to come, and we need to make sure we are ready for it. Our team at TomorrowToday has been working like this for 20 years, and we’ve been focusing our research efforts on understanding how to do it brilliantly for almost as long. Now, we are ready to share a powerful framework with the world, and bring to the market what we saw with the 85 clients we worked with in 2020.

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